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Seal Coating is one of the most important steps to greatly extend the life of your asphalt parking lot or driveway. Spending pennies now, will save you dollars in the future.


Pavement typically has a life expectancy of 7-12 years and is expensive, but necessary to install. Asphalt is made up of gravel, rock, sand, and a liquid petroleum binder or glue. There are three main forces that break down asphalt: UV light, weather, and chemicals.

  • UV light (or sunlight) oxidizes and breaks down the asphalt glue.
  • The freeze/thaw cycle of the seasons also weaken asphalt glue.
  • Chemicals such as gas, oil, and road salt deteriorate the asphalt glue.

Once the asphalt binder is weakened, you’ll see a color change from black to brown to gray.

The asphalt also looses it’s flexibility. This will cause low spots, depressions and finally cracking. At this point, it’s usually too late to repair. Seal coating will make it look new, but the damage to the asphalt glue is already done. Your parking lot is falling apart and the glue can no longer hold the rocks and sand together. Knowing the above factors can break down your asphalt, you probably realize it’s much less expensive to put a protective barrier down that will greatly extend the life of your parking lot or driveway. This is what seal coating does. For peace of mind, we’ll show you how spending pennies now, will save you dollars in costly repair or replacement.

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Our seal coating products meet or exceed Federal Specifications, are backed by a warranty, and it looks really good!

Please note: quickly applying a seal coating is not good enough. It MUST be applied correctly. All dirt and vegetation must be removed. All cracks should be sealed. Oil spots and chemicals should be cleaned off or primed so the seal coating will bond. The asphalt surface must be properly prepared. CSC is the leader in pavement maintenance. CSC specializes in asphalt seal coating, repairs, hot crack sealing, line eradication, repair of spider-webbing and alligator cracking, sink holes, epoxy coating, line striping and painting. We do the complete job and we pride ourselves on doing it right!


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