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At CSC Asphalt, we can Build it, Maintain it, and Repair it. We work effectively, efficiently, and economically.


A lot of paving companies only want to do big jobs. We pride ourselves on our customer service and would love to help any of our customers no matter what the job size or location.


Many residential clients prefer asphalt as it’s cost-effective and can last twenty or more years compaired to concrete with the proper maintenance. Generally, a 6″ base of gravel or crushed limestone, topped with 2″ of asphalt meets most peoples needs.


Not only do we install new driveways, but we also maintain and repair aging driveways. Maintenance is extremely important because as cracks in asphalt and concrete remain untreated, sun, wind, rain, cold, and traffic can widen cracks at an alarming rate. Ultimately, unfilled cracks will cause total pavement failure. Usually, deteriorating conditions exponentially get more costly and harder to repair over a very short time.


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